SEVEN Home Decor Trends in 2017

SEVEN Home Decor Trends of 2017


Our designers spend hours scouring the various design blogs, Instagram feeds, shelter magazines, furniture showrooms and catalogues looking for the latest styles and home decor trends. They want to know what’s in, what’s next and what feels dated. As we look to the year ahead in home design, we are seeing more natural artisanal elements with a healthy dose of color and interesting patterns and textures. Long gone are the laser-printed chevron days and now it’s time to say hello to a more organic vibe.


Luckily with a treasure trove of knowledgeable and experienced designers on hand we asked one of our own super talented Elite designers Heidi Caillier who is based in Seattle to tell us what she sees trending in home decor.  Here is her trend alert for 2017:


Green, In All Shades


Expect to see the color in all tones pop up in rooms across the design spectrum. It’s lively, organic and rich. You will see it in small doses such as in accessories and objects and also in larger upholstered pieces. The hue has dramatic impact from emerald to chartreuse, green will be big this year.

Image via Heidi Caillier



We’re seeing rooms with simple color palettes being all about the textural elements: in fabrics, art, wall treatments and even lighting. It helps to give a space that unique and added edge.

Image via Jute Home

Organic Patterns And Prints 


An emphasis on more organic forms will dominate rather than the laser-printed patterns—think block-printed. Expect prints to have a more worn in or slightly vintage feel as well.

Image via Nickey Kehoe



Whether in collections of vases or pots, lamps, light fixtures, wall hangings, you name it. Ceramic provides a raw looking, artisanal finish that is earthy and very on-trend right now.

Image via Disc Interiors



Contrary to minimalism we are seeing much more maximalism. Gone are the super clean, plain, unadorned rooms of the past few years. Lines remain clean but prints are layered in and colors pop. More is more and it’s super fun.

Image via Reath Design

Living Finishes


We are getting away from the blingy brass and chrome. Unlacquered brass, which patines over time, is more suitable right now. Finishes like hot-rolled steel and unfinished metals will be the stars of 2017.

Image via Disc Interiors

Raw Wood


Everything right now is more about raw textures rather than the super shiny finished look of the past. You will see this trend take shape in furniture, accessories and even cabinetry.

Image via Brian Paquette 


Thank you, Heidi, for sharing what you’re seeing in home design. You’re completely spot on for what is trending in 2017.