I grew up in the real estate world.  I remember tagging along with my dad as he would build, buy or sell homes.  As I got older, my dad hired me to clean the new homes before the owners moved in, or sell tickets for his home show houses. I really enjoyed being in the homes and watching the faces of the future home owner light up when they walked in and looked around.

My husband and I have had rentals since we were first married 25 years ago and I’ve been a real estate junkie ever since!  I finally decided to push my hobby a little bit further and get my real estate license.  Now that I am a realtor, I am thoroughly enjoying it! I STILL love watching the faces of others light up when they walk through a house they like.  It brings me great satisfaction knowing that I am helping others find a home they love.

There are so many realtors out there, and finding the right one is very important.  I have committed myself to being honest, dedicated and thorough in each transaction.  I want to make it a smooth transition so it can be as enjoyable as possible for my clients. My goal is to see their faces light up as they purchase or sell their homes.