The Home Selling Process


Selling your home can often seem like a huge undertaking, our job is to streamline the process so you always have an experienced ally in your corner giving you expert guidance. Here are some of the basic steps of selling your home.

The Early Stages of Selling Your Home

  • Consider your priorities in selling your home (i.e. Would you like to sell within a certain time frame? Are you going to sell at a fair market price, or shoot for higher?)
  • Confirm your decision to sell with everyone included on your home’s title.
  • Contact our office to find a real estate agent whose work style, experience, and personality are a good fit for you.
  • Consult with your agent on a plan to market and price the home.
  • Decide on any home improvements to enhance the appearance and sale value of the home.


Showing the Home

  • Prepare to show the house to prospective buyers by finishing home repairs and improvements, and executing effective staging. Our agents are experts and can give you great feedback when it comes to staging your home.
  • Our office agents will preview your home before it is listed online and give your and your agent some additional feedback as to price and staging. Then your agent will post your home on MLS.
  • Your agent will communicate with you regularly, and revise your marketing strategy along the way.

When Offers Come In

  •  Your agent will present any offers to you and will make sure that you and the buyer understand the proposed terms and conditions.
  • We will represent you at all times and negotiate counteroffers with the buyer until you arrive at a final agreement.


Sealing the Deal

  • Once a final agreement has been made we will walk you through the final steps of the sell.
  • We will perform a title search to ensure that no third parties have a claim that could invalidate your ownership of the house.
  • Your agent can help you arrange any needed repairs be made to the home. We have an extensive list of reputable individuals and companies.
  • Once final inspection and walk-through by both you and the buyer is complete a closing meeting will be scheduled with a title company.
  • At the closing the remaining closing costs and down payments are paid and then usually within 24 hours the deeds of the property is transferred to the buyer.
  • The process is done. Time to move into your new home!

At CENTURY 21 Bushnell, we know that selling your home is full of plenty of ups and downs. We’re here to help make the process run as smoothly as possible.


Our agents would be happy to clarify how the home selling process works by answering your specific questions. Talk to one of our experienced agents today for assistance.