Why Use OUR Agents?

At CENTURY 21 Bushnell we know that looking for a new home is both an overwhelming and exciting experience. Homebuyers want to find a home that meets their needs and they feel an emotional attachment to—a property you can envision yourself enjoying for years to come!

Our agents will guide you through the process to find what you are looking for. With our vast industry knowledge, each of our agents has access to hundreds of properties on the market, but acts as an adviser and advocate on your behalf. Right now in the current real estate economy in Utah having a agent often mean the difference between securing the home you want or seeing it get picked up by someone else.

Here are some additional ways our agents add value to your home buying experience:

  • Area Expertise. Our agents are up-to-date with the most recent market data, and can help give you a solid idea of realistic purchase and listing prices.
  • Home Showing Coordination. Your agent can find homes that meet your wish list and schedule times for you to see them.
  • Information Tracking. After you’ve seen several homes, they can all start to blend together. Your agent can help you create a strategy to rate reach home, and keep tabs on your favorites.
  • Negotiations. When submitting offers and counteroffers, our agents can help you come up with a deal with your best interests in mind that will still appeal to a seller. Our agents will also help you with inspection and fix request negotiations.
  • Recommending Reputable Partners. Whether you’re looking for a professional moving company or lawyer, our agents know the best choices in Utah and Salt Lake County.
  • Contract Guidance. All of the paperwork involved in buying a home is cumbersome and confusing. With our agents, you have personal assistance with all of these documents.

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Why Shouldn’t I Rely on Zillow or Trulia?

Most real estate buyers and seller want to get the BEST DEAL! As real estate experts, our livelihoods depend on the accuracy of the data we analyze and for that reason we beg you to PLEASE stop searching for real estate on nationwide portals like Trulia and Zillow!  For the year most real estate offices have decided to withdrawal their listings from the nationwide real estate search portals such as Trulia and Zillow.

Heres why:

  • The information they have horribly inaccurate, more often than not the homes on these sites have ALREADY sold!
  • Zillow offers an opinion of a listed house value called a Zestimate.
  • Zestimate values aren’t even close to the actual values that the properties sell for.
  • Zillow compares the actual home sale prices of homes with their Zestimate and they’ve found that the Zesimtate is within 5% of the actual sale price around 33% of the time and within 10% of the sale price around 50% of the time.


Instead of searching for properties on these websites, buyers and seller should focus on smaller, local brokerage based websites and contact one of our agents. We will make sure that you get the most accurate and up to date information and we give you a competitive advantage over those who are searching for real estate with websites like Trulia and Zillow.

Let our team at CENTURY 21 Bushnell help you make this important milestone in your life a positive, rewarding experience. We are happy to answer your individual questions about your unique situation, needs, and concerns. Make the right move!